How to import wavetables – Serum Tutorial

Serum is a wavetable synthesizer so wavetables are one important aspect of sound design in this virtual instrument. But what if you are not satisfied with the built-in ones. In this quick tutorial we will show you how to import wavetables into Serum.

Where do I get wavetables for Serum?

Serum uses the widely spread .wav format for their wavetables which makes it very easy for people to create and share them. Organizations like Cymatics often share free packs of them. Here are some links where you can get Serum wavetables for free:

How to import the wavetables into Serum?

Once you downloaded your wavetable package you might need to unzip it. When you have done that you should have a folder with a lot of .wav files inside. Put that folder in a place where you can find it like the desktop or keep it in your downloads folder.

Now you want to open Serum inside of your DAW. Now click on the “Menu” button in the top right corner and choose “Show Serum Presets folder”.

Click “Menu” then “Show Serum Presets folder”

Now you will be presented with a folder. Copy the folder with your downloaded .wav files and paste it into the “Tables” folder inside of the opened window.

Copy wavetables into “Tables” folder

Now you are done. You might need to restart Serum and/or your DAW for it to load the new wavetables. Have fun with your newly acquired wavetables!


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